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Residential, Condo & High Rise Electricians

Residential buildings have an ever-growing need for great electrical work. Hydro prices are soaring every day. The cost of living goes ever higher. We have a solution that just might cut those bills when you need them the most.

Our residential electrical services are rated highly by our old customers. We serve a variety of residential buildings including homes of all shapes and sizes, apartments, and even condos. We have a team of skilled high rise electricians on hand to do complex electrical work in hard-to-reach places.

We’re more than electrical contractors, too. Our high rise electricians and residential electrical experts are also project managers. They manage your electrical work from start to finish, ensuring that everything is completed within deadlines and meets your expectations.

At A.S. Electrical, we deal with tall orders all the time (literally!). Our high rise electricians have worked in the industry for decades of combined experience. We combine advanced technology and the brightest minds in the industry to repair, retrofit, and rewire the most complex residential buildings.

Of course, internal electrical work isn’t the only service we offer. We also undertake projects like:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting repair
  • Internal and external equipment maintenance
  • Carbon monoxide system installation and maintenance
  • Automatic garage door installation

All our electricians are properly licensed and insured. This gives you additional peace of mind. The last thing you need is an unqualified person working on your wiring and lighting.

Whether you’re an individual needing electrical work done on your home or apartment, or you’re the owner of an apartment complex, we have you covered. Our high rise electricians have been contracted for all sizes of projects in the past.

Contact us now to get best-in-class service from some of the best and brightest residential electrical contractors the GTA has to offer.


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