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Electrical Installation and Maintenance
Installation and Electrical Maintenance

Installation and Electrical Maintenance

At A.S. Electrical, we understand the value of regular electrical maintenance for building wiring and lighting systems. Our qualified electricians are experts at maintaining existing systems, and at keeping them running longer and with increased efficiency. Our service teams are experts who have dealt with complex electrical systems and equipment for decades. They know what to do to prevent machinery and wiring systems from failing or running at anything less than an optimal level. The electrical maintenance we offer also improves the efficiency of your current lighting and electrical machinery. We do this by addressing bleeds, rewiring where necessary, and updating outdated systems as required.

Advantages of Our Preventative Maintenance

Advantages of Our Preventative Maintenance

  • Systems operate more efficiently over time
  • Devices and systems last longer
  • Reduced risk of electrical failure
  • Lower risk of electrical shock/accidents
  • Reduced frequency of electrical downtime


Electrical maintenance can be performed anywhere, whether a home, office, or factory. At A.S. Electrical, we have the experience needed to maintain the electrical infrastructure of any building, large or small.


In the industrial and commercial sectors especially, this maintenance can lead to significant savings. A lower rate of failure means production can continue ceaselessly for longer. Machinery runs more efficiently, and the costs of operation are drastically reduced, while the cost of repairs is also greatly lessened, all of which improves your bottom line.


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