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Specialty Services & Lighting Conversion

A.S. Electrical offers a myriad of specialized services to meet the electrical needs of both residential and commercial buildings. Our specialty services include:

We offer the maintenance and repairs needed for heated ramps on developments and facilities in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. These ramps include driveways, accessibility aids, and loading dock ramps for forklifts and trolleys.

Heat tracing is a method of keeping water pipes from bursting or freezing in the winter. It can also keep your hot water supply at a constant temperature. We can install heat tracer cables on pipes that need it.

We use high-tech infrared scanners to detect issues with your wiring through your walls. This non-destructive method of detection saves you time and money. It also keeps your building intact unless there is a real problem.

Carbon monoxide leaks can be truly dangerous. Our technicians install, repair, and calibrate carbon monoxide detectors and warning systems in homes and commercial buildings.

Are you looking to locate disruptions in your underground electric systems? We have the expertise and the equipment to locate and repair tricky underground systems.

Our qualified electricians can work on some of the tallest buildings in the city. We’re licensed and capable of providing quality electrical work for high-rises and skyscrapers.

We don’t need external contractors to do a lighting conversion for you, or to perform any other electrical work. Our in-house inventory includes lighting fixtures, electrical wiring, accessories, and other equipment to complete our many projects with minimum delays.

We have the capabilities to install and repair both basic and advanced automated doors for the commercial and industrial sectors. AS Electrical ensures that systems are in working condition so you can be confident in your security.

AS Electrical uses the latest technology to reach projects in high areas, including: high street lights, commercial signs, commercial and residential complexes.

We provide backup generator installations and hook ups. Ensure that you always have a back-up through any power outages and storms.

We provide louvers, ventilation fans and motor installations, maintenance, and repairs. Our electricians can also interlock these with your carbon monoxide system for improved safety.

Whether you use your meter link for monitoring energy or any other component, we are happy to help you with recommendations and installations of the best product for you.

We’ve built a company on versatility, and we can provide services for projects of all sizes. AS Electrical has experience in the maintenance of a multitude of car dealerships.

AS Electrical offers expertise and knowledge in installing and repairing floor heating for various types of flooring.

Looking for a greener way to power your home or facility? We specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining solar panels and lighting for various applications.

Need outdoor lighting to enhance your landscape? We’ve got you covered. With the expertise and the necessary equipment, we can create the outdoor atmosphere that you envision.

To find out more about what we can do to meet your unique needs, call us now or get in touch.