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Seasonal Electrical Maintenance Tips from Professional Electrical Contractors

June 13, 2024



Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical systems throughout the year. Every season brings its own set of challenges that can affect the performance of electrical systems. However, there are ways to prepare for these challenges and ensure the safety and efficiency of electrical systems, regardless of the season.


In this blog, we will explore essential seasonal electrical maintenance tips to help you prepare for every season and keep electrical systems running smoothly year-round.



Why Is Seasonal Electrical Maintenance Important?


Before we dive into each season’s electrical maintenance tips, let’s try to understand why seasonal electrical maintenance is so important. 


Every electrical system, regardless of its age, requires regular check-ups and maintenance by a licensed electrician in Toronto.  Regular inspections are necessary to ensure the system performs efficiently and no hazardous conditions are present. Moreover, certain electrical upgrades can help homeowners and businesses lower their energy bills significantly. Read more about seasonal electrical maintenance tips further in this blog.



Electrical Maintenance Tips For Winter


Winter in Toronto, in particular, and Canada, in general, is probably the longest of the seasons. So, you need to prepare your electrical system accordingly. Here are some tips to do so:


- Electric panel upgrades

Check for loose connections in your electric panel as those can lead to electric arcing, which is a dangerous fire hazard. Upgrading your electrical panel is also a good idea, especially if your current one is old.


- Heating system inspection and maintenance

Apart from replacing filters, inspecting furnaces and checking heat pumps, it is also important that your electric panel matches the capacity of your heating system. Modern heaters have increased power demands that older electric panels may not be able to meet. Consider electric panel upgrades if this is the case.


- Driveway heating system installation

Ideally, you should start considering a driveway heating systems installation well before winter hits, in the summer or fall. Installation of driveway heating systems is a time-consuming process with lots of work outside of the typical electrical work (driveway sealing, landscaping, etc.) to be done. Once heated driveways are installed, you will enjoy the benefits of a driveway cleared of snow and ice throughout the winter.

Electrical Maintenance Tips For Spring


Winter in Canada is a lengthy season, usually starting in late November and ending in late April. Canadians look very much forward to the spring season to enjoy the warmer days and greenery. But is your electrical system ready for the spring season? Read below to find out how you can prepare your electrical system for spring.


- Check on your home’s business AC unit

Summer will quickly replace spring, so checking on your home/business AC unit before the hot weather arrives is a good idea. Clean or replace air filters, and ensure all indoor and outdoor vents are clear of debris and any other obstructions. Make sure your AC unit is in tip-top electric condition by having it inspected and serviced by a licensed electrician in Toronto.


- Install a power generator

While severe thunderstorms are mostly a summer phenomenon, it is advisable to prepare for them well in advance. Consult with a local electrical services company as to the best and most efficient type of power generator that will suit your needs and budget.


- Install/upgrade exterior lighting

Installing exterior safety and security lighting is a great way to safeguard your home/business against intruders and theft. Consider installing motion sensor lighting and floodlights that will activate when the sensor detects movement. Not sure what type of exterior lighting you need? Speak with a licensed electrician in Toronto for advice.



Electrical Maintenance Tips For Summer


The transition from spring to summer in Canada is usually very short. Mild May temperatures are quickly replaced by hot and humid June weather. For electrical systems, that means more demand to run air conditioning systems. Here’s how you can prepare:


- Install Generlink generator transfer switch

If you have a power generator installed already, consider installing Generlink. Generlink is a generator transfer switch that connects your home electrical system to a power generator in as little as a few minutes. It may be an expensive piece of device. However, splurging on a Generlink and its installation once will cost you way less than having to pay for emergency electrical services at the time of a power outage.


- Set up a smart thermostat

With the latest smart home technology, it has become easy to control your home’s/business’ temperature even when you are away. Installing a smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature in your home or business remotely, saving you money on utility bills and maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or business. If you are not sure which thermostat to install, consult a local electrical services company.


- Replace old smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Smoke detectors should ideally be checked monthly, or at least twice a year. Ignoring smoke detector maintenance can be very costly in many ways. However, inspecting and replacing your smoke detectors will help keep your home/business safe from fires.


Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can be very dangerous to health. Poisoning from carbon monoxide can cause symptoms like headaches and nausea, which can even be fatal in severe cases. Replacing old carbon monoxide detectors or installing new ones can help prevent this. Speak to a local licensed electrician in Toronto about the best way to ensure your home is protected from carbon monoxide leakage. 


- Install surge protector

Power surges are most common in the summertime when the chances of lightning strikes are the highest. A power surge is a dangerous electrical event that can cause damage to your home and your electrical appliances. To protect your home, install a surge protector. Whole-house surge protectors will protect your entire house, along with all of your appliances and electronics. 

Electrical Maintenance Tips For The Fall Season


With the arrival of fall, the temperatures drop, and the days get shorter. Electrical systems can be particularly vulnerable during this time of year, so taking proactive steps to maintain them is crucial. Here’s what you can do to prepare your electrical system for the fall.


- Inspect outdoor wiring

Fall is a season of outdoor activities. Mild fall weather is perfect for hosting outdoor festivities and barbecues. Before inviting friends and family over for a barbecue, take a moment to inspect your outdoor wires and extension cords. Make sure there are no signs of damage and outlets are secure from the wet weather. In addition to that, make sure your outdoor wires and extension cords are rated for outdoor use.


- Keep electrical cords away from the source of water

This point is similar to the one mentioned above. In the fall, when rainy days are more common, it is important to keep electrical cords, wires and devices away from the source of water. Ensure your outdoor outlets are covered properly, and no water can get in.


- Inspect heating units

With the first frost starting as early as the beginning of November in Canada, take a moment to inspect your heating units before the actual winter season starts. That way, you will be sure that you can run your heaters as soon as the real winter frost hits.



Why Is Hiring Licensed Professionals Important?


As you can see, a lot goes into keeping your residential/commercial property electrically safe. Certain upgrades and maintenance tasks need to be performed well in advance of the season to ensure electrical systems are safe and the property is well prepared. 


But the good news is homeowners don’t need to personally perform all these tasks. They can hire an electrical services company to handle everything from electrical inspections to repairs, maintenance and installations. Hiring a licensed electrician in Toronto not only frees you up from the electrical maintenance burden but also ensures you get professional services from licensed and insured experts who will hold responsibility for all the work they do on your property.





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