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3 Reasons To Get Generlink Transfer Switch Installed

May 31, 2022

Power outages are frustrating, to say the least. Without electricity, you can hardly get anything done at your home or business. Imagine living with an unreliable power supply in the sweltering summer heat! 

Having a dependable generator and the necessary backup options is vital to dealing with power outages. Getting the Generlink transfer switch installed is highly recommended to deal with power outages in a hassle-free manner. A.S Electrical Services LTD offers Generlink transfer switch installation at the best rates.

Three reasons to go for Generlink transfer switches


No need for panel upgrades or modifications
One of the best things about Generlink transfer switches is that they are compatible with whatever electrical infrastructure your home or business has. There is absolutely no need for any upgrades or modifications that might cost you extra. A.S. Electrical Services LTD sends only licensed electricians to you for the installation without having to make any changes to your electric panels.

Simple plug and use
You can say goodbye to messy processes dealing with endless cords and switches for turning on the generator in case of power outages. All you got to do is attach the generator cord to the Generlink system, and you are good to go. Ensure to eliminate the load before turning on the generator to prevent damage to the wiring. Once the generator is on, you can proceed to restore power to priority circuits based on your needs and the generator's capacity.

Custom order cord up to a hundred feet
You get a 20-feet long cord when you get the Generlink transfer switch installed. You can also custom order cords up to a hundred feet long. The cord is made using industrial-grade material, ensuring durability.

You can contact A.S. Electrical Services LTD to get a free quote regarding Generlink transfer switch installation. Looking for reliable electrical companies in Toronto and GTA for electrical repairs and services? Call A.S. Electrical Services LTD today at (416)737-8593.