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Five Considerations For Hiring Electrical Contractors In Toronto

February 29, 2024

Hiring an electrical contractor is a big undertaking, especially when it comes to servicing commercial and/or industrial properties. The responsibility is enormous, requiring property managers to approach the process of finding the right electrician with care. In this blog, we will look at five key considerations property managers should keep in mind when hiring electrical contractors in Toronto.


Consider These Key Aspects Before Hiring Electrical Contractors In Toronto




Electricians in Ontario are required to be licensed by a designated authority - Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) - to provide electrical services. Licensed electricians / electrical contractors in Toronto must display their license number on their business cards, website and work trucks. ESA’s role is to ensure the administration and enforcement of Part VIII of the Electricity Act, 1998 and corresponding regulations on behalf of the Government of Ontario. When shortlisting electrical contractors to handle electrical maintenance and repair work within your condominium complex, make sure to ask the candidates for their license number and confirm the validity of the same. 




Experience is the first indicator of an electrical contractor’s capability to handle electrical work with quality. Experienced electrical contractors will have the right tools and boast a portfolio of successfully completed projects. Make sure to ask your selected candidates about their experience and check their portfolio of work.


Insurance & liability coverage


Proper insurance and liability coverage are as important as licensing. Commercial projects are generally larger in size. Therefore, they require electrical contractors in Toronto to carry proper insurance. Ask your selected candidates for proof of liability and worker’s compensation insurance before signing a contract with them. This is important in case of any property damage or worker injuries while working on your property. 


Range of services


If you are seeking experienced and professional electrical contractors in Toronto, you need to make sure the services you require are offered by the candidates you consider. If you are looking for someone to handle hydro vault maintenance and repair, make sure to confirm with your selected electrical company that they can handle a project of this scale. Don’t let your property be the test subject for the company. 




Nothing speaks for the electrical company’s reputation better than the testimonials of their previous clients. Check the company’s online testimonials (Google, Facebook or any other platform) or ask for references. A reputed electrical company in Toronto will gladly share testimonials from their previous clients. 


To Sum Up


Hiring electrical contractors in Toronto may be a daunting task. But it is also an essential one, as making sure you hire the right electrical companies in Toronto will ensure the work is done right, with safety and regulatory standards met. 


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