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Common Commercial Electrical Issues That Require Immediate Attention

March 17, 2023

Business owners' biggest concern is the safety of commercial properties. To protect the safety of both visitors and employees, every piece of electrical equipment must be properly maintained and serviced on schedule. If it is not, business owners not only endanger the well-being of their employees but are also risking forfeiting the equipment that plays the core role in their business operations. The most common electrical issues with commercial electrical systems will be covered in this blog.


What are the most common commercial electrical issues?


Tripping breakers

Frequently tripping breakers typically indicate a ground fault, a short circuit, or an overloaded circuit. Breaker tripping, if unattended, might result in a more serious electrical problem that could eventually cause the structure to burn down. To check and repair malfunctioning breakers, turn off the electricity and call a professional commercial electrician.


Uncovered wiring

Exposed cables result from recent renovations or new construction works. Call commercial electrical professionals as soon as you can to arrange an inspection and repair if you see exposed, unprotected wiring.


Flickering lights

Another indication of a hidden electrical issue is flickering lights. Flickering lights are caused by bad connections. Poor connections can develop into a more serious problem that could cost you money to rectify if they are ignored for a lengthy period of time. Only a licensed master electrician can repair weak connections.



Sparks are an indication of a more severe electrical issue that requires the attention of a certified commercial master electrician. Keep in mind that it is better to prevent the problem than to deal with it.


The issues mentioned above are usually difficult to miss, so it's critical to address them right away to avoid any major problems. Other electrical problems include disturbing noises from the electrical panel or smells of burnt rubber. Regardless of the severity, it is recommended that you call a licensed master electrician to inspect your premises.

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