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A Toronto Homeowner’s Guide To Understanding Electrical Code Requirements

May 24, 2024

The number of residential fires and fires occurring on construction sites in Toronto has increased noticeably over the past few years. In fact, Statistics Canada reported 39,047 total fire incidents in 2021 alone with 10,819 of those fires being residential. As a homeowner, it is important to understand the basic electrical requirements set forth by the Canadian Electrical Code for electricians and electrical contractors in Toronto. Understanding these requirements will not only help you gain peace of mind that your home electrical systems are safe but will also help you avoid costly repairs and fines associated with electrical code violations. 


An overview of electrical code requirements in Toronto


Canadian Electrical Code lists the standards for the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment across all provinces. There are also Ontario-specific amendments to the Canadian Electrical Code consisting of a series of provincial technical and administrative rules. Below are some of the Toronto electrical safety regulations.


1. Electrical permits

As per The Ontario Electrical Safety Code, almost all electrical work in Toronto must be reported to the ESA by filing a “notification of work”. This request is recorded in the systems and triggers a review process by ESA. Electrical work permits should be filed before the work starts. While certain electrical works can be DIYed, we recommend hiring a licensed electrician in Toronto to do the job. 


2. Grounding and bonding

Electrical grounding and bonding are both critical to the electrical safety of your home. It prevents electrical shocks and fires, protecting your home and electrical devices from hazardous electrical faults.


3. Wiring and connections

For electrical wiring and connections, copper and aluminum are the only metals approved for use by electrical contractors in Toronto in buildings. The regulations also list the types of connectors, boxes, panels and fittings that every licensed electrician in Toronto should be using.


4. GFCI and AFCI protection

GFCI and AFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters and arc fault circuit interrupters) play a crucial role in protecting properties from electrical hazards. GFCI shuts off the circuit preventing electrical shocks. AFCI detects arc faults which can generate high temperatures and ignite surrounding materials causing fires.


5. Protection against overcurrent

Installation of circuit breakers and fuses is crucial for the electrical safety of any building, a residential one especially. These devices protect the building from overloading and overheating of electrical systems, minimizing the risks of electrical fires in homes and buildings. 


Why is adhering to electrical code regulations important?


Electrical codes exist to protect individuals and properties from hazards associated with faulty electrical systems. They also help hold electrical contractors in Toronto accountable for their work.


How to ensure your electrical system is up to code?


Conducting a home electrical inspection or scheduling timely electrical maintenance are the best ways to ensure your home electrical system is up to code. If you suspect an electrical issue, call a licensed electrician in Toronto right away. Most of the time, preventing an electrical problem is more cost-effective than fixing it.


It is important to note that only a licensed electrician in Toronto can conduct a professional electrical inspection and issue a report on the state of your home’s electrical safety as well as guide you on the best way to improve your home electrical safety. 


To sum up


Electrical systems are complex and highly technical. They are also prone to various issues if installed or used improperly and not regularly maintained. 

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