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4 Signs Your Electrical System Needs an Inspection

May 02, 2019

To avoid having an electrical fire, always make sure to carefully observe any possible signs that your electrical system is compromised. If you notice something strange, chances are that you need to book an inspection with a master electrician. Here are 4 warning signs that your electrical system should be inspected by a licensed professional.


Flickering Lights

Flickering lights aren’t a life-threatening issue, but they do indicate that there’s something wrong. One of the most common causes of flickering lights is other appliances which are connected on the same circuit. Appliances that utilizes a lot of power such as washers or heaters can cause lights to constantly flicker. An electrician can help fix the problem by moving the lighting to another circuit. This will ensure that powerful appliances won’t cause your lights to constantly flicker.


Unusual Sounds

Contrary to popular belief, electrical circuits should not produce sound. If there are signs of an electrical buzzing noise, something is wrong. Defective appliances, faulty wiring or loose connections are usually the culprits behind strange noises. If you notice unusual sounds emanating from your appliance or outlet, contact a master electrician and schedule an inspection.


Unusually Hot Outlets

It’s normal for electrical outlets to emanate heat. It’s not normal if the level of heat is unusually high. If at any point outlets are producing abnormal amounts of heat, scheduling an appointment with a master electrician is highly recommended. Any electrical outlet that feels warm without a device connected may have a wiring problem.



Sparks are never a good sign. If an outlet or fuse box is producing sparks, immediately schedule an inspection. Sparks are a potential fire hazard which can cause catastrophic results if left unchecked.


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