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3 Tips to Maintain Your Electric Vehicle In Winter

November 15, 2022

With the growing concern for climate change, many drivers choose to switch to green driving. Low charging costs and a sense of honour for contributing to a cleaner environment are the key reasons why drivers decide to switch to driving an electric vehicle. But they often forget to consider the battery and EV charger maintenance that comes with owning an electric car. Just like gas-fuelled vehicles, electric cars require extensive maintenance to keep them running for years. In this blog, we will review some of the most important maintenance aspects when it comes to servicing an EV battery and EV charger. 


3 Electric Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Winter Season


Battery maintenance

Electric vehicles run on batteries which are very sensitive to temperature changes. Cold temperatures can have a negative impact on the battery's lifespan, so keeping it warm in winter is crucial. Some electric vehicles come with specialized systems that prevent batteries from freezing. Keeping your electric car in a garage or insulating the batteries will also help you prolong the battery’s service life. 


Charger maintenance

EV charger winter maintenance is another concern. If you have a home-based EV charging station or are planning to get one, it is important to ensure that it is capable of withstanding harsh frosts and still delivers relatively fast charging speed. Keep in mind the material the EV charger’s enclosure is made of. Aluminum can resist the cold and is rust-proof.


EV chargers are more prone to electrical problems in winter. In case of an electrical problem, it is always best to call a licensed electrician in Toronto to inspect and fix it properly. 


Winter tires are a must

Thanks to the instant delivery of torque, eclectic vehicles can get rolling right away. However, in snowy and icy conditions this advantage turns into a major drawback due to wheel spin. Some electric cars feature a power-save mode to reduce wheel slip, but it’s recommended to equip your vehicle with winter tires for the cold season and keep the tire pressure lower than usual to increase cold-weather traction. 

Owning an electric vehicle does come with its challenges, but the benefits far outweigh them. It is important to take good care of your electric vehicle and service it regularly. In the event of an electrical concern, call a master electrician to inspect the problem and never try to fix it yourself. A.S Electrical Services Ltd. is a full-service electrical contractor servicing Toronto and the GTA. We provide installation, maintenance and repair services for all types of electrical systems including EV chargers. We also offer electric vehicle power audit services to assess the power consumption from your main power distribution. Call us today for a consultation or to ask about our services.