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Our Partners

A.S. Electrical’s team of dedicated electricians are here to meet the growing demands of a more sustainable future that steadily relies on the use of electric vehicles. We work with a myriad of leading electrical vehicle component and charger manufacturers to ensure optimal results you can count on when it comes to the maintenance and charging of your electric vehicle.

The electricians at A.S. Electrical are fully equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to install, maintain, and repair charging infrastructure for both residential and commercial properties.

All Partners

Tesla, Inc.
Setting the standard for electric vehicle design and its various components – Tesla, Inc. is an internationally-recognized leader within the electrical vehicle and clean energy market. Tesla specializes in the design and manufacture of electric vehicles in addition to its various tesla EV charger units. Tesla EV chargers are known for their ease-of-use and overall reliability.
The team at A.S. Electrical is experienced in the installation of Tesla EV chargers for residential and commercial properties across Toronto and the GTA.
FLO is a Canadian-based company that offers comprehensive charging station solutions for both small-scale and large-scale organization applications. FLO provides a straight-forward, seamless charging experience for electric vehicle drivers.
Sun Country Highway & Clipper Creek
Canadian-based Sun Country Highway and American-based Clipper Creek, are paving the way with their innovative electric vehicle charging solutions. Sun Country works directly with Canadian consumers, businesses, and government organizations to promote the adoption of more sustainable sources of transportation.
ABB Group
ABB Group is a Swiss-Swedish multinational corporation that specializes in the design and manufacture of robotics, heavy equipment, electronics and automation industries. ABB provides reliable electric vehicle charging infrastructure including DC fast charging stations, electric bus charging systems, and high-quality AC wall boxes.
German-engineering company Bosch offers over a century’s worth of knowledge and experience in the provision of home and kitchen appliances. To accommodate a growing demand for zero-emissions transportation infrastructure, Bosch has developed state-of-the-art, user-friendly EV charging solutions for clients across North America.
Leviton Company, Inc.
Leviton Manufacturing Company Inc., is a North-American manufacturer of electrical wiring infrastructure. Committed to adhering to safe and sustainable electrical products, Leviton offers a complete line of electric vehicle equipment for commercial, residential, and multiple dwelling unit applications.