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3 Advantages of Installing A Duct Bank

February 17, 2022

During the construction of a new building or a large structure, electricity comprises a major part of basic infrastructure apart from plumbing. While electricity makes things convenient, the wiring that goes behind creating a complex electrical system is daunting. To organize and bundle these wires, many contractors go for a duct bank, which is essentially an underground installation where the wires are placed in conduits and encased in concrete. An ingenious and well-established method of wire management, duct banks also offer a whole host of other benefits. 


Here are 3 merits of installing a duct bank.

Protection From The Elements

More often than not, wires exposed to the elements such as rain, sleet, snow and heat can snap or get damaged with time. With the help of duct banks, these problems can be avoided altogether. It is also beneficial from an aesthetic standpoint, as no property owner likes seeing a bundle of wires outside their property, which is often the case with overhead wiring.


Easy To Replace/Upgrade

With time, it’s essential to remove and replace old wiring to reduce short circuits and potential fire hazards. With the help of duct banks, this process becomes simple, as the unrequired wires can be removed and new wires can be installed via the conduit without the need to extract the entire wiring system. 



During the construction of new buildings or projects, it has been found that using duct banks is far more cost-effective than an overhead cable tray or conduit. The reason is that most underground conduits used in duct banks are made of PVC, which is cheap as raw material and not to forget, it can also be pre-fabricated. Hence, the number of labour hours on site is reduced. Moreover, overhead installations require more accessories in form of overhead supports and other relevant gear. With an underground duct bank, these costs can be avoided altogether. 


Due to these 3 major benefits of using duct banks, property owners and construction crews often opt for them. 


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