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Heated Driveways

Ontario is no stranger to snow, and on any given winter, you can expect to be breaking out your armoury of shovels to hack away at mountains of heavy, frozen white coating your driveway. You might opt for a snow blower, but even these are not as effective as might be wished, and can be time-consuming to operate. When you need to get to work early in the morning, falling snow is always a problem.

It’s a problem with an easy solution, however – A.S. Electrical can install a heated driveway for your home or facility that eliminates the problem effortlessly. We can use mats, sensors, and cables to install a system that perfectly accommodates your needs, and melts snow even as it accumulates. These systems leave driveways and walkways perfectly clear of snow and ice, making navigation by foot or vehicle easy.

Our electricians will come to your home or building and help to determine exactly what kind of controller your system needs, and build everything to grant you peace of mind, even during the worst blizzards. When the storm passes, all you have to do is turn the system on, and watch the snow melt away. No fighting with the snow blower, no backaches from shoveling – it will all just melt away!

Feel free to reach out to any of our electricians in your area to learn more about installing your own heated driveways.