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Why Your Business Needs a Lighting Audit Today

January 15, 2018

Every so often, facility managers need to evaluate the condition of the electrical system for just about any building or installation. A Lighting audit is the ideal procedure to get a clear picture of the present condition of your lighting and electrical system. No matter the age of the building, an audit report provides the most essential information for any potential electric system improvement. An electrical audit can also help locate potential issues before they become problems.


An electrical audit serves the best interests of any facility by contributing to the overall success, efficiency and longevity of your business.


The benefits of conducting a lighting audit in your facility include:


Access to all system features: A facility manager needs to know the status of an electrical system and all of its features, which cannot be done by physical observation alone. Conducting a lighting audit is beneficial because the auditor focuses on every detail and component of the electrical system: wiring devices, cable, fuses, wire products and all lighting system devices are assessed.


Reducing utility cost: lighting is one of the operating costs that most businesses look to minimize. A thorough audit report provides the building managers with the tools to comprehend the current lighting system and accesses information on potential system upgrades, improvements, possible issues and unused features.


Professional advice: the lighting audit is structured to offer a comprehensive report which includes a detailed retrofit, recommendation for replacement features, costs for the recommended project, energy savings and details on the payback analysis. The information is beneficial for new technology upgrades as well as increasing energy efficiency.


A.S Electrical Services Limited partners with many companies in improving efficiency. Our principal aim is to ensure that every business has the right tools to make informed decisions. Our company has leading certified specialists that perform in-depth lighting and electrical assessment. We provide you with a comprehensive audit report that will assist in making critical decisions and ensure the safety of your workforce. We have transformed operating costs for both commercial and residential facilities. Contact us today to learn more.