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Electrical Assessments and Lighting Audits

A.S. Electrical is a full-service company. We do so much more than repair obvious issues. Upon request, we can perform full lighting audits and assessments of your electrical infrastructure. This helps save money on your hydro bills because we:

  • Identify issues with current electrical supply
  • Detect critical issues in internal wiring
  • Identify sources of current bleed
  • Identify potentially hazardous zones within the grid

Our lighting audits have a variable scope. You can benefit from them whether you own a house, an apartment block, or a factory. We employ specialists with decades of experience in relevant fields. These experts can scour your facility or building inside out to find out how the lighting systems can be improved.

After the assessment is completed, we make our recommendations and give you our report. At this point, you can also hire us to fix the problems we’ve identified for you. We recommend that you use our various services - we know the problems in your system best.

We guarantee results. Our lighting audits are top-notch. Understand your building or facility properly and see what a great electrical contractor can do to make it better. Contact us today to schedule your own assessment.

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