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When to Recertify an Electrical Duct Bank

July 30, 2021

A duct bank houses the majority of your property's electrical components. If the concrete or metal protective encasement breaks down, this is the first sign that having an inspection done as soon as possible is the next step. Here are five accurate ways to know if the time to get it recertified has arrived.


A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. can perform duct bank replacement and installation at a high level of quality, among several other solutions.

More Than 10 Years in Action

Most of the time, an electrical structure of this nature left alone for more than 10 years is one that requires an immediate professional inspection. In doing so, the experts can reveal any underlying problems quickly and without issue.

Fails to Comply With All Installation Standards

Every electrical duct bank underwent specific installation procedures when initially set up. Through the years, and with continuous use, your conduits will possibly have failed all of the installation standards. Only a professional inspection will indicate whether it needs a re-certification as soon as possible.

Has Undergone an Expert Electrician's Inspection

If your conduit encounters problems, calling a skilled electrician team in your area, such as A.S. Electrical, is the best route to take. An inspection procedure will likely confirm that your conduit requires a re-certification.

Introduces Electrical Problems

The majority of your property's electrical supply is in your conduit. If you are encountering electrical failures - both minor and major around your home - then it is likely time to have it inspected for possible problems.

Electrical Conduit Failure

An immediate electrical conduit failure resulting from any incident or accident requires quick action from knowledgeable companies like A.S. Electrical. In doing so, you obtain timely resolution and re-certification too.

Make Sure You're Working With Reputable Electricians

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