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What Master Electricians Can Do for Your Home

January 05, 2021

Having the highest electrician certification, a master electrician is someone who can work on more complex electrical projects. They have the capacity to supervise licensed electricians and are seen as leaders within the industry. Master electricians are usually in charge of electrical installation and maintenance.


Considering their technical knowledge and experience, they can perform and/or supervise the following electrical services with confidence: 


Electric Panel Upgrades

An outdated electric panel can result in power surges and inefficiencies in your electrical system. With an updated electric panel, you have more room to expand your electrical output. It is most beneficial when you want to add new functions in your home like a security monitoring system, lighting control or other smart home features.

Heated Driveway Installation

Considering how time-consuming a snow blower can be to operate, it might not be the most effective solution to get rid of layers of snow on your driveway. This is when you need a master electrician to install a heated driveway. Heated driveways eliminate the need to shovel your driveway and the use of salts, give you ease of navigation on foot or by vehicle, and keep driveways and walkways free of ice.  

Dry Sauna or Steam Sauna Installation

Saunas offer tons of health benefits for you and your family. It’s a great way to de-stress and add value and luxury to your home. A qualified electrician can help you choose the right model according to your needs and see to it that your sauna is installed safely and correctly. Wiring, piping, breakers and other electrical components should also be installed in a way that meets the electrical codes for safety purposes. 


If you’re looking for a master electrician to take on any complex electrical projects, you can rely on the master electricians of A.S. Electrical Services. Our expert electricians have experience working in residential, industrial and commercial buildings across the GTA. We are confident to perform even the most complex electrical projects from start to finish. Contact us today to find out about how our team of experts can elevate your home!