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Tips for a Tesla Charger Installation

April 22, 2021

Tesla is a known leader in the electrical vehicle and clean energy market. The popularity of Tesla’s electric vehicles is on the rise, not just due to the energy-efficiency of the vehicles, but also cause of the brand’s reputation for manufacturing easy-to-use and reliable vehicles. One of the factors that one needs to think about when buying a car manufactured by Tesla, is the installation of a Tesla Charger. Here are four simple ways to smoothen the installation process.


How to install a Tesla Charger successfully

Choose the Right Charger

The charging speed of all Tesla vehicles varies depending on the type of charger one uses. Tesla owners can choose from three options of chargers. A level 1 120-volt charger is an economical choice because it causes the least electricity spike, but it also chargers the slowest. A level 2 240-volt Tesla charger requires no additional infrastructure but charges vehicles faster than the level 1 charger. One can also use a level 3 charger rated at 480, which might require some additional adjustments. One ought to choose a charger based on their needs and the level of adjustments that they’re willing to make for installations.


Contact Your Energy Supplier

Energy suppliers could have reason to question the additional energy consumption in your home once you install an electric vehicle charger. This is more likely if you install a 480-volt supercharging Tesla charger. So make sure that you keep your energy supplier looped in about your purchase of an electric vehicle, and the new charger that would lead to the extra consumption of energy.


Allocate Sufficient Space

Owning a vehicle comes with its set of responsibilities, which includes giving it adequate parking and charging space. Unfortunately, most ample-sized garages might not be able to fit a Tesla vehicle and charger in the same space. It's advisable to prepare your property to include a space for charging your vehicle before you purchase it, to prevent any issues.


Test and Work with Dependable and Experienced Technicians

Lastly, Tesla does not entrust charger installations to DIY enthusiasts as they value the safety of their customers. You'll need to use the services of a highly reliable electrical company, such as A.S. Electrical, to have the installation done smoothly and correctly.


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