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The Importance of Having ESA-Approved Equipment And Wiring System

August 31, 2020

In Canada, the Canadian Standard Association or CSA is responsible for creating rules and regulations for electrical and other safety standards. Meanwhile, it is the Electrical Safety Authority or ESA that is tasked to regulate safe practices of electrical installations in Ontario. Every piece of machinery and electrical wiring used in Ontario, particularly those found in a duct bank requires an ESA inspection upon installation to ensure safety.


In cases where there might have been adjustments or modifications made to a previously inspected and approved piece of machinery or equipment and wiring, A.S. Electrical is adept in getting a new inspection done.


In certain instances, a manufacturer of the equipment may not have left any extra room for future expansion. In this case, if you wanted to add more to the machine that involves our electrical expertise, we have to make sure that the modification or addition does not overload the existing wiring system. Otherwise, this can cause electrical hazards to the property and its inhabitants. 


In this regard, any required changes in the duct bank or other parts of the electrical system should be checked by an expert from ESA and our job is to ensure that it’s accomplished for everyone’s safety. A.S. Electrical is experienced in coordinating inspections over the course of our electrical services across the country. Thanks to this extensive experience and knowledge, we can ensure that every piece of your equipment meets or exceeds all safety standards.


We do this by making sure that there is a report produced detailing the compliance of the inspected equipment and electrical system with the conditions set forth by ESA with an attached mark or label. We can then assure that all your equipment inside your building, including the wiring system in your duct bank outside, presents no undue hazard to property and persons. Give A.S. Electrical a call today to learn more about how we can help.