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The Basics of Electrical Duct Banks: What They Are and How They Work

February 15, 2024



Electrical duct bank is a crucial element in commercial electrical systems. They serve as housing systems, connecting various types of utilities and offering robust protection for cables and wires to ensure they can stand the test of time. In our next blog, we will review what duct banks are in more detail and cover the basics of electrical duct bank’s functionality and design.


What is an electrical duct bank?


An electrical duct bank is, essentially, a PVC and concrete-made encasement designed to protect electrical cables and wires installed under the ground. Duct banks protect telecommunications and electricity wires from physical impact and other environmental elements. 


Electrical duct banks are unlikely to be installed under residential homes, but they are commonly found under commercial and industrial buildings like malls, factories, schools, hospitals and office buildings. 


How do duct banks work?


Electrical duct banks serve as cables’ protection system from strain, earthquakes and other elements of the environment. They are also a great organization tool for multiple utility cables, separating and organizing them under the ground and making the replacement and maintenance easy for the crews. There are two levels of protection offered by duck banks: 


  • PVC-made conduits which protect the cables and wires;
  • Concrete-made encasements which separate conduits and prevent them from touching each other.


There can be multiple duct banks installed under a single building: to house telecommunications cables, electricity and/or data cables, etc.

Electrical duct bank installation methods


Duct banks are complex systems, and installing them properly must be ensured from the get-go. Thus, this process must be entrusted to experienced and skilled electrical contractors in Toronto. It is important for the location where the electrical duct bank will be installed to be firm and structurally stable. There are several methods of duct bank installation:


  • Stick-built
  • Cast-in-place
  • Prefabricated duct bank installation


The commonly-followed installation steps include the following:


  1. A trench is dug out 
  2. Conduits and spacers are installed
  3. Steel reinforcement is installed
  4. Shaping forms are installed
  5. Concrete is poured around the conduits




Duct banks are an essential organizational and safety component in any building. Electrical duct bank installation must be carried out by skilled and professional electrical contractors in Toronto to ensure the highest level of safety and quality of the work.


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