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Tesla Charging 101

August 04, 2021

If you are committed to greener living, A.S. Electrical fully supports you in doing so by providing the electric vehicle charging you need. Our seasoned electricians perform installation of various equipment types and accessories in homes, high-rise buildings, and other facilities. If you are contemplating having a specialized installation done of an EV charger like the one Tesla provides, you can count on us. We have experience completing installations of Tesla charger stations while ensuring high-quality results. Tesla charging allows you to charge wherever you usually park, overnight at home, during the day at work, or even just around the city.



A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. is your go-to source for a Tesla charger set-up, and our team is focused on meeting each need that comes along with these projects.

While you can use this type of charger almost anywhere there is a power source, it is recommended to select home or workplace charging to get the most for your charging requirements. Specifically, a Tesla Wall Connector works well for quick charging needs at your home. You can find Tesla charging stations using a navigation map in case you need power in an emergency situation. They are usually located near urban and convenient centres such as plazas and coffee shops.


However, charging at home is the best way to handle a Tesla charge. An ideal home Tesla charging station provides you with plenty of benefits.


  1. It recharges your battery fully overnight in cases when you come home with a low battery.
  2. Requires very minor upgrade, if necessary, to your home electrical service.
  3. There is an option to choose plugless or wireless charging upgrades.
  4. Charging at home does not need major upgrades to 400 amps.
  5. No need to be worried about forgetting to charge with the help of superchargers.
  6. Recovers your daily driving range in just a couple of hours.


So, if you are planning to have a Tesla charger at home, reach out to A.S. Electrical and we can help you enjoy all of its benefits.