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Tesla Charger Options for EV Charging

May 10, 2021

An EV is plugged in to charge the battery, and this will allow the car’s motor to run. Large battery packs, which store DC energy, power EVs. It is important to note that most homes supply AC power only, but this is accounted for in the case of these vehicles being charged where the owner resides. All EVs are made with an on-board charger that transfers AC power into DC power, and the energy is able to be stored within the battery. A portion of time is added to the charging process due to the conversion of AC to DC power. One option for an EV is a Tesla charger, and these can come in different forms.


Available at A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. is the installation of a Tesla charger that will meet your needs, no matter the scenario.

Commonly located in public areas instead of homes are high-speed chargers, which provide DC power. Therefore, in the event of using a high-speed charger, the on-board version is not required and the battery undergoes a direct charge.


Tesla Mobile Connector


This unit comes standard with each new Tesla. It features an adapter for a 120 volt (NEMA 5-15) outlet and is classified as a Level 1 charger. The Mobile Connector is portable, and can act as a backup for charging on the go. An additional adapter can be purchased for it as well.


Tesla Wall Connector


For Model S, Model X, and Model 3, this unit is recommended by Tesla as the optimal home-charging tool. As a Level 2 charger, it is also called the High Power Wall Connector, and involves a hard-wired setup that allows for simple operation by the users. The Wall Connector works well for outdoor installations, and charges at a quicker pace compared to the Mobile Connector.


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