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Should I Install an EV Charger at Home?

January 03, 2023

Owning an electric car comes with advantages. You get to drive an environmentally friendly vehicle that also allows you to save money on gas. But electric vehicle owners are also challenged with finding the charger to ensure their car is constantly on the go. Such a challenge, most of the time, drives people away from buying an electric car. Thankfully, as green vehicles are consistently gaining traction in recent years, EV chargers have become more affordable and available for installation at private homes. Let’s explore whether and when installing a home-based EV charger is necessary.


Is installing an EV charger necessary?


The number one factor to consider before installing an EV charger in your home is how far you have to drive daily. If you use your vehicle for short trips to work or grocery shopping, you may do away with public charging stations. However, if your work is more than 60 km away or you live far from the city centre, where the density of EV charging units is higher, think of installing a charger at your home.


Some employers equip their parking lots with charging stations in pursuit of sustainability and to become more attractive for potential hirees. If your employer is one of those, the need for a home-based EV charger falls off - you can charge your green vehicle while you are working, and that charge should suffice for a couple of days. If you plan a long trip for the weekend, it is better to find an EV charging unit closer to your home. 


Even with all the perks of employer-supplied EV charging stations, nothing provides such peace of mind as a home-based EV charger does. Wherever and whenever you need to drive, you have that peace of mind that there is constant power access to charge your vehicle for any trip. 


The decision of whether or not to install a charging station in your home shouldn’t be based on convenience considerations only. Installing an EV charger in the garage of your house can significantly add to the value of your property. Thus, if your plans of selling the house and installing an EV charging station overlap, talk to your real estate broker regarding how much the value of your property can increase with installing a Tesla charger. Besides, the City of Toronto launched several programs that support and encourage those looking to switch to green vehicle driving. Read more about their incentives here.

Installing a home-based EV charger ultimately depends on how easily you can access the closest electric vehicle charging station. If you want to go green with your driving but the closest Tesla charger is too far away, investing in a home-based EV charging unit may be a better resolution. After all, you are not just buying a charger. You are investing in an asset that can bring you more money.