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Remedying the Explosion of a Building’s Main Electrical Room

September 20, 2019

Working with a master electrician is essential for a number of reasons, especially for the reliable operation within a building’s main electrical room – an issue that A.S. Electrical had to handle last week after responding to an emergency call.


What Happened Within the Building?

The main electrical room at the building in question had exploded during the day, causing major issues for the building as power was no longer available on site. Thankfully for the building managers, we were capable of installing a temporary generator as part of the 24 hour emergency service we provide – allowing them to get the electrical service they needed without incurring much downtime. 


While a number of possibilities can trace back to this occurrence, such as high current faults, short circuiting between power phases, and arc flashes, the true value and experience that our master electricians bring to the table comes from their ability to ensure such an event does not reoccur.   


What Was the Recommended Course of Action?

Our team of master electricians have a clear understanding around the value of preventative maintenance – not only to retain functionality within a building, but also for the safety of those that reside within them as electrical explosions of such scale can cause serious damage to the electric panel and, in worst cases, lead to a fire.


Electrical failures such as these can be diagnosed and handled well before they substantiate as problems such as these inevitably result in significant losses in time, and money.


Because of these reasons, our personnel implemented an ongoing and practical maintenance program based on continually evaluating bleeds, rewiring, or retrofitting needs through procedures like thermal scanning and imaging, or even setting up a brand new electrical grid should we identify hazardous areas in an existing one.


If you have any concerns or are curious to learn how our program can serve to make your residential, commercial, or condominium electrical infrastructure as efficient as possible, then reach out to one of our licensed electrical contractors today!