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Is Installing a Heated Driveway Worth It?

February 07, 2023

Has your neighbour’s driveway been perfectly cleared from the snow but you never actually saw them shovelling it? You might think they are doing it during nighttime, but how realistic does this sound to you? Very unrealistic. Chances are they have heated driveways installed underneath the asphalt. If you are puzzled over whether a driveway heating system is worth spending money on, this blog will help you make a decision. But first, let’s highlight the differences between the three most common radiant heating systems. 


What are the three different radiant heating systems?


Below are the three types of driveway heating systems:


  • Electric - the working principle lies in installing an electrical grid that heats the driveway surface. The system is automatic in most cases and activates once the temperature drops down a certain degree. The duration and temperature can be manually controlled. 


  • Hydronic - these heating systems are built on the concept of polymer tubes filled with antifreeze liquid installed underneath the driveway surface. The heated liquid is supplied by a boiler. 


  • Heated mats - these are heating sheets that can be installed anywhere, usually along the tire path. These are a cheaper alternative to full-fledged driveway heating systems. Although, they provide little efficiency in snowy climates. 


Is it worth it to install heated driveways?


If you have ever considered heated driveways, you might have heard that it’s an expensive privilege. No one is going to argue here as it is indeed quite costly. The average cost to install a driveway heating system is between $1500 and $7500 with $25000 being the highest. As you might have guessed, the larger the driveway area is, the more expensive the installation. However, it will be unfair to look just at the monetary side of it. There are a number of benefits that come with heated driveway installation. Radiant heating systems are, undoubtedly, a great solution to combat the snow, especially in areas that are subjected to high amounts of snowfall. Another unbeatable advantage of heated driveways is that it is truly timeless. It’s almost impossible to physically damage the system that’s buried underneath the asphalt. In addition, in case you didn’t know, a heated driveway adds to the value of your home. So if at any point you decide to sell your house, don’t forget to mention to your broker that the driveway is equipped with a radiant heating system. 


If you’d like to learn more about how heated driveways work, read this blog here.


Heated driveway installation is to be done during warm periods, e.g. summer and fall. So if you don’t have one installed yet, reach out to us at A.S Electrical Services Ltd. Our master electricians know all the specifics that come along with the installation of driveway heating systems and know how to install one for you quickly while complying with all safety standards. Contact us today!