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Installing EV Charger Infrastructure to Streamline the Charging Process

April 15, 2021

In the coming years, the number of electric vehicles (EVs) are going to rise nationwide. Part of this is due to concerted efforts to increase the number of EV chargers in homes, residential buildings, commercial buildings, parking lots, and gas stations.


Electricians have their work cut out for them, but thankfully technological innovations and growing expertise in the field has only worked to bolster our capabilities in supporting EVs. Nowadays, there is key infrastructure available for EV charging that helps streamline the process and make it more accessible and convenient not only for owners of EVs, but also for owners of buildings where these charging stations are located.


Recently, A.S. Electrical helped install key EV charger infrastructure in a residential building.


Overview of EV Infrastructure

The building in question was a multi-storey condominium, servicing many inhabitants and having a high power requirement and output. With our new infrastructural innovation however, we were able to help them optimize the EV charging they provide to their residents.


This EV infrastructure is a smart system that allows any brand of charger to be installed. It comes with a flawless third-party billing system integrated right into the panel. With this infrastructure installed, our client can rest easy knowing they can continually add charging stations without worrying about brands, the billing process, and more.


Power Audit

In addition, as an electrical company, A.S. Electrical was also able to perform a power audit for our client to help them determine how many EV vehicles their power distribution system can support. This is key information that is often overlooked, resulting in many buildings under-utilizing or over-maximizing their power capabilities. An ESA inspector was also brought in to approve all the final work and give their seal of approval, allowing our client to give their residents that much-needed assurance of quality.


Options for EV Infrastructure

There are many options one can undertake with such infrastructure. A.S. Electrical can help you build a specialized electrical room for these purposes, or if you prefer, we can erect a gated area for your infrastructure panel. This will all depend on your available space and budget, and our representatives will carefully consult with you on your options before working out a concrete plan for you to approve.


We at A.S. Electrical are glad that the EV charging experience is becoming more streamlined thanks to crucial EV charger infrastructure, allowing more buildings to become more environmentally friendly. We are proud to be a part of nationwide efforts to lower our country’s carbon footprint.


If you are looking to install EV chargers or their accompanying infrastructure, call us today!