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How to Get the Maximum Efficiency of Electric Vehicle In Winter

December 06, 2022

Electric vehicle maintenance can be a challenge, especially if you have little to no knowledge about servicing electric cars and EV chargers. Cold weather makes electric car maintenance even more challenging. However, there are ways to make charging your electric vehicle easier. This blog discovers 4 tips on how to get the maximum efficiency of your electric vehicle in winter.


Tips to Get the Most Efficiency of Electric Vehicle In Winter


Know your electric vehicle's cold weather features

The majority of eclectic cars come with a pre-conditioning feature. This feature allows the car battery to never go below certain temperatures and remain warm even in cold weather. If you live in colder regions like Canada and are in search of a perfect electric car, consider the pre-conditioning feature. If you already own a green vehicle, find out if it has a pre-conditioning feature. 


Park your electric vehicle indoors when possible

If conditions permit, park your electric vehicle indoors (indoor parking spot, garage etc.). This will help keep the vehicle and the battery warmer and charge faster. 


Allow for longer charging time

It is normal for an electric car to take longer to charge in winter, especially if you park it outside. Plan the charging of your car to ensure your vehicle is fully ready for the run upon unplugging it. 


Call an electrician to fix any problems

Some electrical fixes can certainly be DIYed. However, this does not apply to electric vehicles. To ensure the safety of your car, call a licensed electrician in Toronto to inspect and fix any issues with the battery or EV charger. 

If your knowledge of EV chargers is limited, you can always reach out for advice from a professional electrician. A.S. Electrical is a trusted electrical company servicing clients in Toronto and the GTA. We perform quality EV charger installation and maintenance in homes, condos and other facilities. If you require electric vehicle charger installation or maintenance, get in touch with us today.