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How Can Canadian Businesses Benefit from Installing EV Chargers?

March 06, 2024



Electric vehicle chargers are definitely a hot topic these days, in Canada in particular. More and more drivers are switching to driving electric vehicles for various reasons, putting more pressure on businesses to install EV chargers in order to meet the needs of EV drivers. In our next blog, we will explore how businesses can benefit from installing EV chargers on their premises. 



Benefits of Installing EV Chargers on Your Business Premises


1. Additional income source


You may, of course, choose to make your electric vehicle charging station free for everyone to use, but why lose a potential income source when you can earn more. EV drivers will pay a fee for using your EV charger, whether on an hourly or per the amount of energy consumed basis. If you choose to make your EV charge free, your investment will pay off, too, but just in a bit different way, which we discuss further below. 


2. Increased traffic


EV chargers these days are like free Wi-Fi back in the days. They act as a free advertising tool for your business, attracting more customers. A short stopover for a quick car charge can turn into a longer stay at your business. If it's a shopping mall, customers waiting for their vehicle to charge are more likely to do some shopping while they wait. If it’s a restaurant, they are more likely to buy a meal while their vehicle is charging. There’s so much to be gained by installing an EV charger at your business premises!


3. Competitive advantage


Installing an EV charger on your business premises will show your customers that you are environmentally conscious and willing to do your part in reducing carbon footprint. Lots and lots of people are choosing to live a more sustainable life, including driving electric vehicles. And as this becomes their lifestyle, your business has a chance to become a part of that lifestyle. 




More and more people are switching to driving electric vehicles, for many reasons. Some find electric vehicles to be more efficient, others are concerned about the environmental impact of the gas-powered vehicles. Whatever the reason, transitioning to EVs is happening and requires a lot of adjustment in terms of infrastructure. And you, as a business owner, have a chance to either accept the change and stay ahead of the curve or risk being left behind. 


For all your EV charger installation needs, A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. has you covered. In business since 2006, we have the experience and expertise needed to provide you with quality EV charger installation services so your business can take advantage of the growing EV market. Call (905) 887-7632 or send us your inquiry here.