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Considerations For Efficient EV Charger Installation

April 05, 2024

EV chargers installed on residential, commercial, and industrial premises are a great convenience for EV drivers, allowing them to power their vehicles whenever they need to. There are various factors to consider for a smooth and efficient EV charger installation. Speak to a local licensed electrician in Toronto to learn how to efficiently install an electric vehicle charger at your home or business.


Consider These Tips When Installing an EV Charger


Cable length


High-quality chargers can use cables of varying lengths to provide consistent power to electric vehicles. Cable length adds a level of convenience to EV chargers. It can let drivers park their cars farther from the charging station while letting other vehicles use it too. That said, consult a professional electrical company in Toronto to install an EV charger that allows charging multiple vehicles at a time without overloading the charging station.




Amperage affects the speed at which an EV charger can fully power up a vehicle. A high amperage guarantees a full battery charge in less than an hour but can be expensive and negatively affect the battery life. Low amperage chargers have minimal requirements, but it might take more than an entire day to charge a vehicle's battery completely.


Curb appeal


EV chargers should visually match your property's existing appearance. The aesthetic of a building can look sleek and futuristic along with its EV charger. On the other hand, manufacturers can clad your EV chargers to look like a classic Art Deco piece along with the vehicles in your parking area.


Power consumption


EV chargers will increase your power consumption, so keep this in mind before installing an EV charger or a Tesla charger. High-amperage chargers will consume more electricity but are capable of recharging a vehicle in as quickly as an hour. On the other hand, a low-amperage charger will consume less energy but trickle-power a car for hours.


A.S. Electrical Services has proven its mastery in EV charger installation and Tesla charger installation. We can install Tesla, FLO, Sun Country Highway, ABB, Bosch, and Leviton EV chargers. Call us today to equip your property with an efficient electric vehicle charger or a Tesla charger.