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Finding The Right Commercial Electrical Contractors

June 07, 2018

Every building is different, with their own purposes, systems, and electrical needs. When it comes to commercial buildings, you need the right commercial electrical contractors to service your building’s specific needs.


Finding good commercial electrical contractors can be hard – luckily we at A.S. Electrical Services have the skills and expertise to service the needs of your building!

Since commercial buildings have different electrical needs than industrial and residential buildings, it’s important to have commercial electrical contractors that are able to handle the needs of your commercial building. When dealing with commercial buildings, the right commercial electrical contractors should be able to provide services such as:


Lighting Installations And Rewiring

Any great electrician or electrical contractor should know how to properly install lights for whatever building – whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial. At A.S. Electrical Services, our highly trained staff are experts that are prepared to deal with whatever electrical system you need installed or rewired.


Electrical Equipment Installations

Many people are opting for electrical cars and hybrids to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. These vehicles require EV chargers for their batteries. When you need EV chargers and other electrical equipment installed at your home or workplace, you can count on us.



Electrical audits are arguably one of the most important things that commercial electrical contractors can do. Electrical audits are crucial to companies as they help in loads of money when it comes to their hydro and electric bills. Audits can optimize your electrical systems to reduce energy consumption over time, and check for any places of current bleed or potential problems.


So, when you’re choosing commercial electrical contractors for your building, we at A.S. Electrical Services are the absolute best choice to go with! With over 16 years of electrical experience, you know that we have the skill and expertise to service all of your electrical needs!