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Duct Banks: Installation, Types And Where To Seek Professional Help

June 16, 2023

What Is A Duct Bank


A duct bank is a protective enclosure that houses electrical cables and wiring. It is a commonly utilized structure in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and facilities. 


A duct bank consists of a series of PVC pipes (also called conduits) that are encased in a steel-reinforced concrete slab. The purpose of the duct bank is to protect the electrical cables and wires from the damaging effects of extreme weather events, corrosion, temperature extremes and even vandalism. The arrangements of the PVC pipes in a duct bank allow for easy replacement of a cable in case of a breakage or failure. 


Duct Bank Construction And Installation


Duct bank construction is realized in several steps. 

  • A trench for the future duct bank is dug.
  • PVC conduits and spacers are installed by the electrical contractor. In this step, proper spacing needs to be maintained in order to prevent the PVC conduits from shifting during the concrete pour.
  • An electrical contractor or a general contractor cuts, bends and installs steel reinforcement. 
  • Electrical or carpenter contractors erect the forms for the concrete to pour around the conduits and spacers. 


Duct bank installation is a very labour-intensive process and should be done by experienced contractors. A duct bunk requires a stable and strong structural base to ensure it is safely anchored. It is also important that conduits are properly aligned and concrete meets the requirements for duct bank installation. 


Pre-cast Duct Banks


Precast duct banks are an alternative to the above-described traditional way of duct bank construction. Pre-cast duct banks are available in various sizes and configurations and are constructed on-site. 


Pre-cast duct banks allow for a faster, more efficient and safer duct bank installation. They help reduce the cost of labour and make the installation process less weather dependent. Once the duct bank is anchored, the construction team can begin backfilling the trench immediately which provides for a faster overall construction process.


Which Contractor To Hire For Duct Bank Installation?


Duct banks can be installed by electrical or general contractors. It involves the work of electricians, carpenters, general labourers and other professionals. But as at the core of every duct bank installation is electrical work, hiring electrical contractors in Toronto is best suited to handle the job. 


Hire A.S. Electrical For Your Duct Bank Installation Project


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