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Duct bank broken? Follow these steps immediately

March 13, 2020

A duct bank is an essential part of your property's electrical infrastructure.


Through use of these banks, almost all the electrical conduits are protected from the elements and other harmful incidents.


Should your electrical conduits be outdated and require ESA re-certification, we recommend following these protocols at your earliest convenience.


Contact the Ministry of Labour

You should first call the Ministry of Labour to report your outdated duct bank. They will then inform you of the process to go through for a successful repair, restoration, or reinstallation permit. In doing so, you'll have a task registration number that gives you full permission to perform these tasks with an electrical company.


Get your faulty conduits repaired

With a permit, companies such as us at A.S. Electrical can help restore your problematic duct bank to full functionality. Furthermore, we're capable of having your electrical conduits certified and ESA approved so that your newly-restored equipment is no longer outdated and remains safe to use.


Standards of Council of Canada accredited agencies

The Standards of Council of Canada lists accredited agencies for ESA certification on their website. Your electrical agency's task is to ensure your restoration process delivers installation and performance that complies with the requirements.


Electrical code compliance

Certified and experienced electricians from A.S. Electrical understand the steps involved in getting your electrical conduits back into electrical code compliance. Doing so speeds up the restoration process, allowing you to get your electronics up and running fast and to expected standards.


Handling outdated electrical equipment is our forté

A.S. Electrical holds a Master Licensed Electrical Contractor, which is guaranteed to provide you with high-quality results when it comes to repairing and restoring your outdated electrical equipment. We remain the contractor of choice for countless clients across Toronto thanks to our meticulous nature; electrical conduit replacement is an involved process and mistakes can lead to severe financial repercussions. Contact us to learn more about the electrical services we provide across the GTA!