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A.S. Electrical Becomes Official Distributor of Generlink Canada

March 22, 2024

A.S. Electrical is excited to announce that the company is now officially a partner and distributor of Generlink Canada. By working with Generlink Canada, we are expanding our service offerings to include innovative transfer switches that ensure uninterrupted power flow during power outages. This collaboration is another testament to our commitment to providing our customers with access to great products and even greater electrical services.


What Is Generlink?


Generlink is a socket-mounted generator transfer switch connecting a portable power generator to your home. It is installed behind your existing electrical meter and delivers power directly to the electrical panel, allowing you to avoid the hassle of running power cords through your home. 


The Generlink installation process is quite simple. However, please note, only a licensed electrician in Toronto can install the device correctly, adhering to all electrical safety standards.


What Is In It For Our Customers?


Thanks to our partnership with Generlink Canada, our customers will now get access to exclusive Generlink products and pricing, simplifying their access to Generlink’s reliable and high-quality products and a stable power supply during power outages. 


Why Install Generlink?


Generlink is an easy-to-use solution for power outages in homes, offices and other buildings. Thanks to the device’s easy connection to an electrical panel, users can enjoy a seamless power supply even during the most critical times. 


The beauty of Generlink is that it allows you to regain power in as little as a few seconds. The device is especially valuable for those who need a stable and uninterrupted power supply to power essential systems in their homes, including wi-fi. 


Our team of licensed electricians is looking forward to providing our customers with a great product and high-quality Generlink installation services.