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7 Electrical Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Home For Summer

April 11, 2023

While some people think that electricity bills are the highest in winter, they are wrong. With all the HVAC and outdoor lighting kept on all summer long, electricity bills in summer can be just as high as those in the cold months. Apart from the economical aspect, safety is also important when preparing your home's electrical systems for summer. In this blog, we provide 7 electrical maintenance tips to keep your electrical systems safe all summer long. 


Seven Tips To Ensure Your Electrical Systems Are Safe All Summer Long


Install Surge Protector

Summer is a time of storms and lightning. While sitting at home watching the lighting strike outside is a fascinating experience, installing a surge protector is a security measure you as a homeowner have to take to ensure the safety of your house. A surge protector is installed in your home's electrical panel by a master electrician. The role of a surge protector is to divert the surge to the ground when lightning strikes nearby, protecting your home's electrical appliances. 


Buy a generator

While we are mostly used to electricity being available all the time, unpredicted situations like blackouts are still a thing. Power generators are a must-have during such times. A power generator is a machine that will run on gasoline and produce electricity to power your home appliance, including the router needed to supply Wi-Fi in your home so you can keep on working even when the power goes out. 


Get rid of extension cords 

Extension cords are a temporary solution when you need to use an appliance that is too far from the wall outlet. They are a great short-term solution, but they should never become a long-term one. Using extension cords regularly is not only inconvenient but also dangerous. Revert to a permanent solution like installing additional outlets or get advice from a master electrician on how to better organize your home electrical system. 


Check your HVAC

HVAC gets the most load in summer during hot days. So it is essential to check it before the summer season starts. Call local electrical companies to schedule an HVAC inspection, and never worry about your HVAC breaking down in the middle of the summer.


Cover outlets

If you have a pool in your backyard, making sure nearby power outlets are covered with a safety cover is a must. All outside outlets, including those close to your pool, need to have water-resistant coverings. This will shield your loved ones from electrical shocks and aid to avert any unforeseen events.

In addition, after you come out of the pool, avoid touching any electrical outlets because your hand can still be wet, and you risk receiving an electric shock.


Trim trees to clear out power lines

It is a typical error for homeowners to simply think about the interior of their property while performing electrical maintenance, but the exterior is just as important. Trees or branches obstructing electrical lines is one of the most frequent issues. You should cut any trees outside your property that are very close to power lines so they don't come into contact with the lines.

In the event of a storm, the tree can swing or break, striking the electrical wires, and causing power outages or electrical fires. 


Get a full electrical inspection

The last and most important thing to do is to call local electrical companies to schedule a full electrical inspection of your home systems. Unlike a layman, a master electrician can identify any hidden issues insidiously deteriorating your home's electrical systems from the inside. 

Apart from the above-provided maintenance tips, don’t forget about such basic safety aspects as unplugging your electric devices when they are not in use and testing your smoke detectors regularly for any malfunctions. Following these steps, you will ensure a safe and comfortable environment for yourself and your family in summer and all year round.