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4 Things to Keep in Mind About Tesla Charging Stations

April 22, 2022

Tesla electric vehicles are highly popular because they are environmentally friendly and also offer a more luxurious experience. However, many owners worry about its battery range. To mitigate this, Tesla EV charging stations have been added in almost all parts of North America. Hence, if you own a Tesla vehicle and are looking to recharge at one of these stations, then here are 4 things you should keep in mind.


4 things to consider about Tesla charging stations.

Two Types of Tesla EV Chargers

The Tesla Model S has two charging options. The first is called "Supercharging." Supercharging is done at Tesla's designated stations by connecting with a built-in plug. The stations are found on major highways in North America, Europe, and Asia. Supercharging can provide a range of 170 miles per hour of charge.


The second charging option is called "Destination Charging." Tesla's destination charging stations are often installed at hotels to facilitate longer trips.


Tesla Trip Planner

For the convenience of Tesla owners, the company has created a tool that makes it extremely convenient for them to find charging stations so they can plan their routes accordingly. This trip planner essentially lets you search for Superchargers along your route, find the closest Destination Charger, and get updated pricing information for both types of charging stations.


Charging Is Not Free

While the company used to provide free charging initially, it has ditched that business model and has set up a price plan for using the charging stations. The cost to charge a Tesla varies on the type of charger you are using. Tier 1 (under 60 kW) chargers cost about 0.13 USD per minute, while Tier 2 (over 60 kW) chargers are billed at 0.26 USD per minute.


Idle Charging Costs

Leaving the car idle after it is completely charged can cost up to 1 USD per minute. This steep price was instituted by the company to prevent crowding at the charging stations so that more people can access them. You can avoid this extra fee by moving the car within 5 minutes after it charges completely. Additionally, Tesla’s app makes it easy to monitor your charging costs and avoid additional charges by giving you a loud and noticeable notification when your vehicle is fully charged.


Thus, new drivers of Tesla cars should keep these factors in mind when they are on a trip. To avoid the hassle of charging outside, you can install a Tesla charger on your premises with the help of A.S.Electrical Services LTD, a professional firm that serves the Toronto region. We also offer a myriad of electrical services such as installing dry saunas, driveway heating systems and even handling routine repairs and inspections. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do for you.