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4 Reasons You Should Choose Electrical Contractors in Toronto for Your Electrical Work

October 11, 2018

While it may be convenient to hire out-of-work electricians to take a look at your electrical needs for a competitive price, you won’t get what you pay for. Hiring an electrician that is not with a reputable electrical servicing company is a big risk. You might end up spending more money to pay for corrections and changes that could have been avoided. Excluded in the price are the high value quality materials, reliability, warranties, and insurance that you get from opting for professional electrical contractors in Toronto.


At A.S. Electrical, our team is skilled, professional, and highly qualified to be your next electrical contractors in Toronto.

Here are four reasons why you should contract a licensed electrician for your next electrical service:


  • Safety as Priority: Even a small electrical job done incorrectly can pose fire hazards and potential life-threatening risks. Faulty circuits can destroy electrical devices and appliances, while poor connections can have the potential to cause fires. This is why a knowledgeable, highly trained electrical contractor should be trusted for your home and your family’s safety.
  • Updated with The Existing Codes: Municipal, provincial, and national codes help ensure safety, proper installation, and function. Licensed contractors can process necessary permits for your electrical projects and scheduled inspections. This means your installation is compliant to the codes. It also serves as a good assurance to get your insurance company to pay any claims if installations, repairs, or upgrades are done by an electrical contractor.
  • Proper Insurance: Apart from posing risks to your safety, unlicensed electricians can also harm your financial security if they do not carry liability insurance and are injured upon doing their job. In this case, you can become the one responsible for the damages or injuries that can potentially happen on your property. Additionally, your insurance company has the ability to deny any claims when the damage is due to an unlicensed trader.
  • Good Warranty: Reputable electrical contractors in Toronto would stand by their work by offering you a warranty. This can give you a guarantee that the work done in that time frame will function properly. In addition, this also makes them accountable to authorities and prompt them to address any accusations of poor work done in order to keep their reputation great.


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