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4 Common Scenarios When You Need to Hire a Master Electrician

March 22, 2023

Out of all home maintenance tasks, electrical maintenance is something that is often neglected by homeowners for reasons such as lack of time and knowledge. Furthermore, electrical dangers are often hidden from sight, making them even more like to be ignored. However, this does not mean that you should leave things to chance. There are situations where calling a master electrician can save you a lot of time and money and make your home a comfortable place to live in. Read on to find out more. 


When Should You Hire a Master Electrician? 


Faulty DIY Electrical Work Done In the Past

If you or a general in-house maintenance crew tried to do some do-it-yourself electrical wiring repairs in the past, chances are you will require a licensed master electrician to look at it again and do the fixes. DIYing electrical repairs is never a good idea. Moreover, it is also a very dangerous venture. Only a skilled and licensed electrician in Toronto can inspect the do-it-yourself job and correct any potential mistakes. In addition, the expert electrical service crew is responsible for fixing the issue if you or your electrician failed to fulfill his duty properly.



It is important to ensure your electrical system is protected against overloading in case of electricity surges during a thunderstorm. A master electrician will thoroughly inspect the operation of your electrical safety switches. The best electrical contractors will also ensure that your home has a sufficient surge protector to prevent your appliances and circuits from overloading during stormy weather conditions. 


Your Home Is More Than 20 Years Old

The electrical systems installed in your home were working perfectly at the time they were set up. However, things get old and wires wear out. Even with sturdy wiring and installations, homes older than 25 years are more prone to experience electrical issues. They will therefore require thorough examinations and perhaps even repair or reinstallation work. You should schedule an inspection of your wiring right away if you see swings in your power supply.


The Danger of Short Circuit

It's critical to contact licensed electricians if your property experiences an electrical short circuit. You may rely on A.S. Electrical to provide all the maintenance, repair, and installation services you require, including short circuit prevention measures. 


We at A.S. Electrical have more than ten years of experience in providing a wide range of residential and commercial electrical services in Toronto. Call us today for a quote or learn more about what we can do for you.