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4 Aspects To Consider Before Installing a Dry Sauna

January 15, 2024



More and more people opt to spend their leisure time in saunas, especially in winter. These days, dry saunas are found not only in SPA centers but also in private houses. People choose to install dry saunas in their backyards to have a private place for relaxing. In our next blog, we will discuss four aspects to keep in mind before buying your first dry sauna.




First things first, determine the location of your dry sauna. You may opt for an indoor or outdoor sauna, depending on what your property type allows you to build on it. You may also have the sauna installed as a poolside cabana or a standalone structure. Dry saunas perform great, regardless whether they are installed inside or outside. 


Insulate Your Space


Insulation helps preserve the temperature in your dry sauna. Use an existing bathroom, special cabana, or poolside cabin as your sauna frame. Then, builders will add fiberglass and foil-faced vapors to protect your home from heat and moisture build-up.


Next, your builders will use various panels, such as western red cedars, for your walls, flooring, and ceiling. Fresh wood panels help achieve the lovely wood smell for most saunas. Lastly, a master electrician will install your sauna heater, lighting, windows, and doors, as well as handle any other electrical work. 


Electric Panel Upgrades


Saunas need a reliable circuit to draw electricity from. Ask a master electrician to evaluate your existing electrical infrastructure and to improve it if necessary. Experienced sauna electricians must build systems that withstand high temperatures.


Material and Equipment Choices


You can choose various types of sauna styles from a number of suppliers. Choose from many heaters and design materials suitable for your sauna. Find the right-sized panels that fit your dry sauna. Then, ask your builders for sauna accessories, such as wooden buckets, ladles, hooks, and lighting.


Build top-of-the-line dry saunas today by working with contractors and experienced electricians in Toronto. Call us at A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. today to build an efficient electrical infrastructure that seamlessly accommodates your new dry sauna.