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3 Major Types Of Outdoor Saunas

November 23, 2023
3 Major Types Of Outdoor Saunas

Traditionally, saunas are located within the confines of a house. However, many modern-day saunas can also be situated outside. Of course, some would require proper electric services such as wiring, as most outdoor saunas don’t share the same circuit with the rest of the house. In this blog, A.S. Electrical Services, purveyors of licensed electricians in Toronto explores 3 main types of outdoor saunas.


Types Of Outdoor Saunas


Traditional Finnish Sauna

This type of sauna comprises a large, fire powered by burning wood. Hot rocks surround this fire and provide a natural source of steam when water is poured atop them. As is evident, this type of sauna is rather primitive and not very energy efficient.


Dry Sauna

A dry sauna doesn’t generate a lot of moisture like a conventional sauna. The best method of heating a dry sauna is using an electrical heater. It can directly heat the rocks and consequently, distribute the heat evenly across the entire room. This type of sauna is more energy efficient and doesn’t require additional water to operate. However, there is an installation cost, and with the services of a licensed electrician in Toronto, you can get one set up in no time.


Infrared Sauna

As the name suggests, this type of sauna employs low EMF infrared lights which directly penetrate the body. Due to its low intensity, it is perfect for individuals who are heat-sensitive. Moreover, you can also stay longer in this sauna as the heat generated is not very intense. Lastly, setting up an infrared sauna will require some electrical services in the form of wiring.


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