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3 Reasons Why Heated Ramps Are A Must On Residential Premises

October 14, 2022

The modern building code requires that property managers ensure the safety of the ramp that leads to the parking lot. Thus, it is nearly impossible to find an apartment building or a business with an unheated ramp these days in Ontario where the winters can be quite extreme. Heated ramps melt snow and ice away from the pavement, ensuring safe and easy access for drivers and pedestrians. We have put up three reasons why heated ramps are a must on residential premises.

Reasons Why Heated Ramps Are A Must On Residential Premises


Ensure safe access to residential premises

A heating system is a must in residential buildings where access to the parking lot is through a ramp. A heated ramp improves the safety of the building and makes access to the building for residents safer and more efficient. 


Quick disposal of snow

The traditional methods of clearing ramps and driveways from the snow still exist but are not as effective as modern heating technology. Shovelling snow is still a viable option to clean the ramp or driveway, but it is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Besides, it is only effective until the next snowfall. For quick riddance of stubborn snow and ice, heating ramps are the best.


Improve curb appeal

A parking ramp that is cleared of snow looks more attractive than one that is not. 

With a heated ramp, the access to parking will always be free of snow and ice, which will make the property look picture-perfect regardless of the season or the current weather conditions.

Ramp heating systems significantly reduce the risk of accidents. And what can be more important than public safety?

A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. are experts in heated ramp and heated driveway system installation. We guarantee the high quality of our services and the durability of our installation. We will install a heated ramp or a driveway heating system that will make your ramp or driveway safe and efficient. If you are unsure whether a heating system is the right solution for your premises, give us a call today to speak to one of our expert electricians and get an estimate.