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3 Problems That Can Be Avoided By Installing Driveway Heating Systems

September 07, 2021

Anyone who lives in relatively colder climates is well versed with snowstorms and the problems they bring. This precipitation creates a lot of issues, especially in the form of snowed-in or frozen driveways. While this is painful enough for private residences, if you are an employer, there’s an even bigger imperative on you to keep your parking lot free from snow or slick ice. Thankfully, driveway heating systems can save a lot of trouble for your business. 


Here are 3 major hassles that can be avoided by quality driveway heating systems

Snow Shoveling

The classic method to clear out snowed-in driveways is to shovel the snow. It is manual, back-breaking work, involving the maintenance personnel of your business, who have to regularly check for trouble spots and remove excessive snow to allow employee and company vehicles to pass through freely. Using a driveway heating system can save a lot of their time and your resources, as the staff can be used for other important work.


Hazards And Legal Liabilities

Not only is shovelling snow a difficult task, but it can also be quite hazardous. Trips and falls are common and can lead to medical emergencies for your personnel. This in turn can lead to legal ramifications, for many municipal authorities consider it a firm’s responsibility to clear out the sidewalks outside their establishment. Subsequently, it can lead to a hefty fine, which can be easily avoided by using driveway heating systems.


Damages To The Pavement

Other than shovelling, salt is also a popular method of clearing out snow. However, salt has damaging effects on the pavement. While it effectively melts the snow from your premises, it can create cracks on the road, where water can seep in and further damage the pavement. With driveway heating systems, this can be prevented altogether, such as those installed by A.S.Electrical Services LTD., the leaders in offering sustainable, cost-effective heating solutions. 


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