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3 Key Elements of a Steam Sauna

January 13, 2022

Having a steam sauna as part of your home is a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of steam. It can be used whenever you like, and they’re commonly more affordable than the long-term use of a commercial sauna. This type of facility makes it possible to support one’s health as well, and carefully considering its structure and equipment will result in a well-designed addition to your home.


Before an excellent steam sauna is created for your property, it’s important to think about the following:

The Right Steam Generator


Steam generators are used to produce the steam that is essential to these saunas, and the amount of time the generator runs will have a certain influence. For example, temperatures in a high range can create thicker and warmer sauna sessions. With this area in mind, it's also crucial to use a generator with the correct size for your sauna.


A Great Enclosure


Making sure that your overall steam sauna has a strong enclosure involves a few factors. While working with enough space for the size of the room you have in mind, one will typically see wood as the flooring material for this kind of sauna. In the case of walls, a material appropriate for the outdoor climate is chosen. Additionally, insulation can help keep the heat inside and maximize the process of your generator.


Steamhead and Control Units


Steamheads, when activated, release steam from vents in a sauna. The control unit is a timer that ensures the sauna is heated for a designated amount of time. In the event of a malfunction, the heat might turn on and off at abnormal intervals, making it necessary to fix the control options as soon as possible.


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