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2 Ways Harsh Weather Can Affect a Duct Bank Installation

May 25, 2022

Underground electric cables are an unavoidable factor in the construction industry. Any damage to these wires could bring the entire building complex to a standstill. To avoid such consequences, a duct bank is brought into the picture. Duct banks protect wires that carry power and data from being damaged.

A duct bank is a reinforced pathway that houses the aforementioned cables. The cables are placed inside PVC pipes known as conduits. These conduits are further fortified with steel-reinforced concrete that protects them from factors like vandalism, harsh weather, and seismic stress among others. The installation of a duct bank is a careful process that requires skilled labour.

2 Ways Harsh Weather Can Affect a Duct Bank Installation

Installation of a duct bank involves a series of meticulous processes. From digging the right trench and placing the conduits to adding steel reinforcements and pouring concrete, the steps involved can be tedious. 

A slight calculative mistake or interference of an external factor could impact the entire process in many ways. Waterlogging or flooding due to rainy conditions is one such example. Accumulation of water inside the trench affects the stable solidifying of concrete. Rainy or freezing conditions can also negatively affect the concrete placement.

Building forms around the cables to ensure the right placement of concrete around them is a significant step during the installation of a duct bank. This step is followed by the careful pouring of concrete, without leaving any gaps or air pockets. Conduits are then anchored such that they don't move out of position or float.

However, rainy or snowy conditions could jeopardize the entire process. It could lead to clogging between conduits or floating. Such a scenario would require cleaning and replacement thus, delaying the installation process.

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