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Electrical Wiring

Wiring is the life-blood of any efficient electrical system. The advantages of using the right electrical wire in Toronto’s many residential and commercial buildings are numerous. Wires come in many types, each with its own purpose and benefits.

If the right type of wire hasn’t been used in a specific application, the risks are many. They include fires, shorts, current bleed, and even catastrophic system failure. Our professional electricians have the expertise needed to select the right wires for the different applications within your building.

At A.S. Electrical, we also detect problems in your existing electrical wiring. We use advanced technology like thermal scanners to detect wiring issues in hard-to-reach parts of the building. Because of our qualifications, we can also make sure that your electrical infrastructure meets current safety standards.

Replacing and installing electrical wire in Toronto is a complicated process. There are many variables involved. We have a diverse range of wire materials, insulators, and the equipment and accessories needed to see each job through to completion.

Our range of electrical wire services in Toronto include:

  • Light fittings
  • Electrical equipment (small and large-scale)
  • Building wiring

To take advantage of our various services, all you need to do is get in touch with us today.

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