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Why You Should Upgrade to Track Lighting

May 30, 2019

Once popular during the 90s, track lighting is now making a big comeback. It has been updated to have more contemporary designs and finishes, and is considered a staple in modernist and minimalist spaces. It is a unique lighting option that offers great flexibility – compared to conventionally wired lighting fixtures, track lighting can be slid anywhere on the track and be adjusted in any way possible to suit your lighting needs. Thankfully, looking for a qualified electrician in Toronto has never been easier with the quality of services offered by A.S. Electrical.


Here are other reasons why upgrading your home lighting to track lights is so worth it:


1. Greater Functionality

Track lighting allows you to position the lights strategically to illuminate the areas where you need them most, such as in a reading or working space. The lights are easily tweaked to suit your needs, and so you need not worry about too much complexity.


2. Higher Energy Efficiency

Instead of using heat-generating incandescent lamps, track lighting now features greener, more energy-efficient LED bulbs. They can also come in low voltage options by adding a low-voltage transformer. You can then save energy by reducing power. A licensed electrician in Toronto can help with these modifications. 


3. Variety of Designs

Not only is track lighting functional and efficient, it can also serve as a stylish design element. The fixtures can come in a variety of shapes, from straight lines to more stylish curves and spirals. With a host of options, you can surely find one that will suit your space perfectly.


Track lighting can be installed anywhere in an office or building, and works incredibly well to accent art pieces or interesting décor items. A.S. Electrical can provide you with a licensed electrician in Toronto to help you achieve all your lighting needs and give your space a stylish and functional update.