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Why You Should Get Your Electrician in Toronto to Install Garage Exhaust Fans

April 08, 2021

When it comes to making sure your home is optimized for energy efficiency, you’ll be glad to know that electricians in Toronto can help with virtually every energy-related procedure. They do not just work with lighting fixtures; they can install EV chargers, retrofit your electrical fixtures, help you with sustainable energy solutions, and more.


Today, many homes have attached garages. Did you know you can make them more energy efficient as well? Without an optimized energy solution, they can have a significant negative impact on air quality and efficiency throughout your home. To combat this, homeowners can have garage exhaust fans installed.



Here are the benefits of getting your electrician in Toronto to help you install exhaust garage fans:



1) Cooling Effects

With the summer fast approaching, now is a great time to get your garage exhaust fans installed. The heat from the sun as well as increased humidity can heat up garages quick and create a pocket of warmth in your home compound. This heat can then find its way to the rest of your home, especially if your garage is attached, creating discomfort at best and additional energy costs at worst.


2) Ventilation Improvement

Ventilation within the garage is incredibly important. As a place that stores your vehicles and potentially other chemicals, such as paints or cleaning materials, you need to make sure your garage is well ventilated. Carbon monoxide and exhaust from your automobile can be incredibly dangerous, and electricians in Toronto can help guarantee your family’s safety through the installation of garage exhaust fans.


3) Reduces Energy Costs

You do not need to have a specialized air conditioning unit for your garage if you have garage exhaust fans. These fans can draw cooler air from the outdoors and use it to call the trapped indoor air in your garage, taking that air and then expelling it outdoors.


4) Deals with Condensation

Garages can see an accumulation of moisture due to its muggy environment. If trapped in a confined, hot space, this moisture can become mildew and cause problems for the walls and ceilings of your home, resulting in costly renovations. Furthermore, harmful spores can grow on the mold and mildew, making their way to your home and infecting your family. An exhaust fan can help get rid of this moisture.


Whatever your reasons, it is always a net benefit to install garage exhaust fans. Get a reliable electrician in Toronto today from A.S. Electrical to help you with all your energy needs!