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Why More Charging Stations Are Needed in Residential and Commercial Parking Lots

February 06, 2020

Electric vehicles (EV) are increasingly becoming the preferred type of vehicle for people all across the world, and for obvious reasons. With that said, there are still some barriers to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, chief of which are the lacking of infrastructure such as charging stations.


Considering the wealth of benefits offered by electric vehicles, it really does not make much sense to not make better infrastructure available. Owners of commercial and residential lots should think about hiring a licensed electrician in Toronto to install charging stations throughout their parking lots.


Having such amenities can bring lots of benefits, including:


Attracting and retaining more users

Properties that offer better amenities not only attract more tenants and customers, they also attract better tenants and customers. You can offer this convenience to your users while also projecting your values of being environmentally-minded and more in-tune with the modern world. What’s more, having charging stations installed is not a hassle at all – just get in touch with a licensed electrician in Toronto through A.S. Electrical Services and we’ll have you covered.


Revenue generation

One of the biggest concerns of electric vehicle users is that there are too few charging stations available, and they are normally at distances that are too far apart. This means that when users figure out there is a lot nearby with charging stations, that lot goes into high demand, with users being more willing to pay for parking that gives them access to charging as well.


Green certification

The BOMA BEST program is a national green building certification program that awards green certifications to buildings that comply with environmental best practices. Having charging stations installed on your property will bring you one step closer to improving your standing and image.


Considering these benefits, it should be every property owner’s first priority to make sure their buildings provide access to charging stations. Get in touch with a licensed electrician in Toronto today by calling (416) 737-8593!