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Why having a licensed electrician in Toronto is not optional

April 20, 2018

In our previous blog we talked about Why Your Business Needs a Dependable Commercial Electrician


This time we talk about why having a licensed electrician in Toronto is so important.


As with any other occupation – especially one so reliant on experience and know-how – electricians come with varying levels of expertise and capability. Whereas some have worked on simpler electrical jobs in a wide variety of settings, others specialize in a very particular industry and its needs. Thus, while the expertise to resolve your electrical conundrum is plentiful, it is difficult to identify the right person or organization for the job.


Speaking generally, licensing, or certification, is a great identifier of the basic skillset of the ones accredited. Licensed electricians in Toronto have become indispensable.

Insurers, condominium owners, and businesses have become increasingly particular about relying only on licensed electricians in Toronto for their electrical needs.

The Toronto Star also writes about ‘Hiring uncertified electrician not worth the risk’.


1. Skill assurance – As an example, the Electrical Safety Authority prescribes a stringent list of requirements for electricians before they can be enrolled with it. These include passing examinations, age and experience requirements, registration with the Workman Safety and Insurance Board, and generally be of sound standing when it comes to paying taxes and other dues.

2. Local knowledge and liability – In fact certified electricians are required to carry a public liability and property damage insurance coverage of at least $2,000,000. And since electrical installations are highly region-dependent, licensed electricians in Toronto must be based in Toronto.

3. Insurance requirements – Insurance companies have in years past raised their requirements of electrical work done on a premises – be it residential or commercial. Electrical fires are a major risk factor in the insurance industry; one simple way of mitigating this risk is by having electrical issues addressed by a licensed electrician in Toronto only. Fail to meet this requirement and your property may not be covered by your insurance provider if any damage is caused by an electrical malfunction.

4. Health and Safety – Health and Safety has been a major area of focus over the last two decades. Construction sites, dangerous work or work that can impact safety of others have been coming more under the health and safety scanner. It is no surprise that the ESA now requires licensed electricians in Toronto be aware of the applicable health and safety code and safe practices. Timely too, as condominium owners, commercial lessors and others require outright that a licensed electrician perform any electrical work on their premises. In fact, since 2007 homeowners are required to use only licensed electricians in Toronto as well.

5. Certifying letters - if the property if you are currently occupying has been certified by the ESA, the last thing you want to do is undo the effort and expense of getting said certification. Very often, insurers and banks will require a letter from a licensed electrician in Toronto confirming the status of the electrical system.


Know more about the stringent ESA licensing requirements for electricians in Toronto.