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When You Should Consider Upgrading Your Electric Panel

July 23, 2020

Electrical service panels are considered to be the heart of every electrical system. They allow property owners to control all the electrical components they operate inside their homes and buildings. While they are built to last for a long time, they are quite sensitive to many factors. So here are the signs that you have to be aware of that might tell you it’s time for some electric panel upgrades.  


Installation of new appliances

This refers to installing big appliances such as a refrigerator, a hot tub, an air conditioner, or any other machine that needs a lot of power to work. It also applies when you add a new room or story to your home, as your current amperage might not be able to meet your additional need for power. Otherwise, your circuit breakers will often trip whenever you turn on that new air conditioner. This is why electric panel upgrades are necessary to supply your new installations with enough power.


Issues due to faulty wiring 

One of the leading causes of fires is faulty wiring and this risk increases as your home becomes older. This is because older wiring and the materials used on them tend to deteriorate over time and may not meet the code. Common signs of faulty wiring include a burning smell, sparking outlets, dimming or flickering lights, and sometimes even a mild shock when you touch appliances. In this case, you have to call in a professional electrician to check the wiring in your panel and offer you a solution.


Too many extension cords

If you notice that you are plugging almost everything into one outlet through many extension cords and power strips, then most likely you can benefit from electric panel upgrades. With an upgrade, you can allow each circuit to run straight from your electrical panel. You can also install a new electrical outlet and circuit which can minimize fire hazards.


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