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What to Do in a Power Outage

September 27, 2017

Here at A.S. Electrical Services, we take pride in our fast response time in case of an outage or other type of electrical services Toronto emergency. But what happens when disaster strikes the whole city? In such extreme situations, we have compiled a quick list of safety protocols to help keep you safe.


While it does not happen often, occasionally even the most modern of cities experience a catastrophic event such as the failure of electrical services in Toronto.


Be it due to human error or extreme weather like heat waves or ice storms, there is a distinct possibility of occurrence. In such an event, it is best that every average individual be prepared to stay safe.



A blackout is an event when there is a complete failure of electrical services in Toronto. The following need to be done immediately:


  • Turn Off.  Once the blackout occurs, it is best to turn off all the devices and lights that were on prior to the blackout. This is to avoid any power surges to your devices, which can cause damage to expensive equipment like computers. If there are any electrical devices that utilize flame or fire, it is best to extinguish them right away.


  • Call Out. While it is best to call emergency services for information, they may be flooded with calls during a city-wide blackout. It would be more prudent during a failure of electrical services in Toronto to group together as neighbors and coordinate with the building administrator or some other local authorities for safety and, if needed, evacuation. This is most especially needed when there are sick or elderly in the given area.


  • Ventilation. This is one key action that is often overlooked when there is a failure of electrical services in Toronto. Most modern high-rises have automated HVAC systems, meaning that air flow within the building is controlled electronically. In the case of a blackout, make sure that you have sufficient ventilation by opening windows where possible.


  • Passenger Check. If there are elevators in your building, they will be out of commission when the failure of electrical services in Toronto occurs. A check needs to be conducted to make sure there are no passengers trapped inside. The elevator doors can be forcibly opened by a building superintendent or technician. 


There are many things to consider when electrical services in Toronto fail. Keeping calm and clear-headed can help in reducing risk during these trying times.